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Belgium - Gent

A present for Mum

A note from Tanya
"A present for you - because I think it looks like you!!!
Hand made belgian lace - lovely hey?"

......and an email from Sharon
"Yes - it is me!!
What a gorgeous piece of lace - I love it!!
And I love the 'runner' - real Belgium lace - I am so lucky!!
Thank you so much!!

......and another email from Sharon
"I was wondering what I would do with the "Lace Lady"
I think I will put it on some black material and put it a pretty frame.
Do you think that will look nice??"

......and from Tanya
"Your idea for the picture of you is a good one!
Make sure I get a photo of the "Lady" up on the wall"

and CLICK HERE to see Sharon with her framed "Lace Lady"

(size = 70mm x 65mm)