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Saturday 12th March 2005

A Beautiful Gold-Topaz Bracelet

......by "Bensons of Brisbane"

(two photos)

An email from Tanya on Thursday 14th April 2005
"I received a very nice present on Saturday 12th March 2005!!
A beautiful gold-Topaz bracelet
From my landlords
It was lovely and surprising
They said that a valuation for me to keep was on it's way and it arrived this week
And believe me I nearly fell off my chair when I saw what it was worth
- $??? Australian dollars!!
(check out the valuation)
They have been away on holidays and I have been "looking after the house"
And there had been a few problems!!!
I had a such a hard time with heating and hot water and washing machine problems
and hassles with the cleaners etc
and it is really really nice to be appreciated with such a lovely present
And by complete accident - it is my birth stone!!
I asked them whether they picked it because of that
but they didn't and just thought I would like it